Hi I’m Nikol,

My eldest was an amazing sleeper and started sleeping through the night on his own at 5 months. My youngest on the other hand was not so easy. We were up every single hour around the time he was 6 months old. A week of this caused my husband and me so much stress. I ended up calling a friend for help, and it took a solid week of sleep training, I hated the process, it worked but it didn't stick.  Once I was well-rested again it had my head spinning with possibilities on how to help families without using Cry-It-Out of any type...

What Families Say About Working with Me

We had been co-sleeping for nearly three years before we met Nikol. When our second baby was born, our bed became pretty cramped, and no one was sleeping well. While we loved co-sleeping, we understood our daughter and son both needed deep sleep that they just weren’t getting in our bed. We were introduced to Nikol, and are so thankful for her help and expertise. Nikol listened to our concerns and developed a sleep plan for our daughter that was manageable and perfect for our family. The first night, our daughter stayed in her bed for the entire night, for the first time in her life. Within a few days, we had established an effective routine, and our daughter was thriving. The sleep plan was incredibly gentle, which I loved, and our daughter made the transition without any tears. Nikol was so attentive, always available for questions, understanding to our concerns and special circumstances, and thorough each step of the way. I loved how she utilized her personal experiences as a mom, as well as her professional training, to effectively coach us in transitioning our daughter into her own bed. We dreamed of the day our daughter would sleep in her bed all night, and thanks to Nikol, our dream became reality.

- Michelle

We are so grateful for Nikol and the habits that she helped us create for our child. Our daughter was nursed to sleep for every nap and bedtime for the majority of her life and after just a few short days, she was falling asleep independently. The method was gentle and we were able to support her through the process. At no point did we feel uncomfortable or unheard. Nikol made adjustments to our plan to tailor it specifically to our parenting and our daughter. - Lauren with 11 month old daughter 

- Lauren with 11 month old daughter

I was so lucky to have the opportunity to work with Nikol to help sleep train my boys. Neither of my kids has ever slept great and both boys would end up in our bed most nights. My husband and I were not getting enough sleep, and the little sleep we did get was poor quality. While my boys aren’t completely sleeping through the night every night yet, we are working toward it and making great improvements. Neither of them ends up in our bed and there are significantly fewer wake-ups each night. I really appreciate Nikol’s dedication to finding the best sleep solution for our family, even when our busy schedule made it more difficult to stay consistent. Overall, my experience was great and helped me get closer to our family’s goal. I highly recommend working with Nikol if you are struggling to get your little one’s sleeping habits where they need to be! 🙂

- Michelle H. mother of two boys 2 and 5

Working with Nikki was a great experience. She was always ready to answer any questions we had and was very kind and patient with our needs as we tried to improve our son's sleep. Even when our little one struggled at the beginning, Nikki would always remain calm and provide us with more advice and reassurance that we were helping our little one learn how to sleep properly. She always listened to our concerns first and didn't just respond with a cookie-cutter response. It was always a custom, gentle sleep response based on the needs of our little one and ourselves. Nikki is very resourceful and knowledgeable about the gentle sleep approach and I would recommend her services to anyone!

-Chris - Dad of an 8-month-old boy