Many parents want to know my stance on sleep training. How do I feel about co-sleeping? How I feel about cry it out? Can you breastfeed and still get the sleep you need? What is right and wrong?

Let me start by saying this, I have worked with multiple families as a nanny and every family has its specific likes and dislikes. It is not my job to critique how you parent your child, my job is to help you. I offer hands-on support without using any cry-it-out methods. Since I myself practice gentle parenting, I use a method that focuses on parent-child attachment. If you feel that is not what you need then I am not the coach for you. I do offer full support packages for the breastfeeding mamas as well with a certified IBCLC lactation consultant, to make sure that mother and baby are fully supported. Although I do offer coaching some families just need help optimizing their sleep so I teach parents' rhythms and help them find the right routine.

The Gentle Sleep Coach® philosophy was developed by Kim West LCSW-C, The Sleep Lady® because she found so many parents had difficulty following through with a sleep coaching program that they feared will damage their child emotionally or filled them with so much guilt they couldn’t follow through.

The Gentle Sleep Coaching approach is a gentler alternative for families who emotionally or philosophically resist letting their babies cry it out: for families who tried “Ferber” (controlled crying) and it didn’t work, and for families who let their baby cry-it-out earlier but now find it doesn’t help. It is also for families who believe in co-sleeping but find that their children aren’t really sleeping all that well, even nestled snugly with their parents. Or for families who did co-sleep for a few months to a few years and now want the family bed to revert back to the marital one.

While coaching I can't promise you that your child won't cry. This is how they communicate. Our goal however is to have as little crying as possible. I encourage parents to be loving and responsive but also to help their children learn the vital skill of putting themselves to sleep. I want my parents to respond and stay with their children. Offer physical and verbal reassurance without actually putting the child to sleep (remember the goal is for them to learn how). This will support the development of a secure attachment between parent and child.

I will work with you to create an individualized, step-by-step sleep plan that will factor in your parenting philosophy, your child’s age, health and temperament, mother’s well-being, and the related family dynamics. And most importantly I will support and coach you through the process from beginning to end- for night sleep and naps!


If you have any questions about the Gentle Sleep Coaching philosophy, please don’t hesitate to ask. I can be reached via my Contact page

The art of putting yourself to sleep is a priceless gift you can give your child and your entire family.