pediatric sleep coach

I’m Nikol Doughty I am the mother of two beautiful boys.

...I have always loved helping parents, especially first-time mothers. Your child is your life, and when parents entrusted me with that responsibility as a nanny, I made sure they left every day with full confidence in my ability to care for and love their child. I now want to help parents as a gentle sleep educator.

Let me walk by your side while you learn how to help your baby in a way that involves fewer tears and more love. Kim West LCSW-C, The Sleep Lady® trained us to be proficient and confident and her approach to sleep is how I would have liked to use on my youngest. Unfortunately not knowing her method at the time, we had a bit more crying than I would have liked. pediatric sleep coach

Allow me to guide you and your family to better sleep, teach you what safe sleep means, and be there to cheer you on through the process. pediatric sleep coach