Sleep Sacks and Swaddles

A couple things I notice that parents ask is “How and when do I transition out of the swaddle?” “What type of sleep sack should I get when it is time?”

Now we all have personal references, I am just giving you my personal experience of an easy transition solution from newborn-2 years of age. I have no affiliation at the moment with either of these companies, but I have used them successfully with both of my boys.

First off, I was never a fan of the swaddle (although it does work great). Yes, it keeps baby nice and secure but at the point of rolling you need to transition them out for safety reasons and sometimes baby rolls at 2 months, my second was this baby. So instead of swaddling my children after some failed attempts I decided to go with the Love to Dream swaddle, you can find it on Amazon as well as and other baby stores. My boys loved the security it gave them as well as having their hands up instead of tucked in. They do have a transitional option because like a swaddle they can not be used once baby rolls over. I wasn’t a fan of the transition options, so I did more research.

I had no clue what to do but my good friend who runs an infant childcare told me about this product called Zipadee-Zip. The transition was flawless because it covers their hands just like the Love to Dream did plus it gives them more mobility and doubles as a wearable blanket. When you order this and take it out of the box it will look huge. Each size gives baby opportunity to grow, and as we know they grow fast during these first years. Once you put the baby in it you will see it fits better then you thought. You can also find this product on Amazon and their website

Some things to know about the Zipadee-Zip, the reason they are sleep safe is because your child has full movement in them. Side note, my son can even walk in his and its adorable. Some parents have reported that they pull above the face sometimes, I have never experienced this but if that is the case try sizing down. My favorite feature is they are completely breathable, you can check out more safe sleep tips on this product online.

There are many swaddle options on the internet, you can ask a group on Facebook and everyone will say something different. That is of course ok, we all have different views and opinions. This is mine and I believe it is a smooth transition and it prepares you to be ready for when baby rolls. Plus, they really look adorable on those babies and that matters as well.

– Dream Safe Baby

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